Thursday Pedagogy 23.4.15

Two incidents-

When I was coming to Hyderabad the train was just a wee bit late, a boy was selling coffee, bro had a cup, I asked him when will the train reach Hyderabad, he said 15 minutes later, the expression of my fellow passengers was absolutely intriguing, not a single person believed him, as per their assumption the train was at-least half an hour away from Hyderabad.

Ever since I started to commute from Burdwan to Kolkata I have heard veteran daily passengers to always ask the vendors about the time, they can recognize a spot by glancing at the milepost, that was the common joke.

Well, heh heh, the train pulled in Hyderabad station 15 minutes later 😉

I was relieved that the vendor was right and my co-passengers were wrong (I absolutely hate train journey)!


Well, my brother is off for his tours, one of his long, long tours so the carnivore in me goaded me out, I had to go out and look for a shop that sells eggs, or meat, then after judging the weather here I zeroed on meat, that will be better, because eggs are heat up body too much!

I asked a person, after walking in the direction given by my brother for a long, long time… 😉 He is terrific at giving directions!

The guy showed me a byroad, I entered it and walked till I became suspicious that the guy had played a prank with the outsider and took an about turn, asked another person, well, he has told me the absolutely right place, only the shop was too suave to notice. It just did not looked like a meatshop!

I had to trust the board with a chicken painted on it!

So, guess we should never judge a book by its cover!




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