Thursday Pedagogy 30.4.15

Saw the first one, the male on 21st, I was typing away of-course, heard his unfamiliar chirping, tiptoed out of the room to check, I thought it was the hummingbird 😉

It was a good old sparrow! Have not seen a single one since coming to Hyderabad, in Kolkata too they were rare sight!

The thing that happened the next day, well I am so happy that it rained a bit on 22nd and the temperature sliced down, or else it would have been haunting me even now! I was standing in the verandah when she flew and sat a feet away from me, on the grill.

She was literally panting! her tiny beaks were pushed apart, gasping for a little cold, calm it seemed! she just sat there (my blood started to boil in that raging sunlight) I wanted to go inside, but that would have scared that little being, so I just stood there, waiting for her to fly off, she did, lucky me! after five or seven minutes!

The scary thing was she saw me, more than once, and she certainly was too close to me! But her physical exhaustion must have numbed her fear. poor baby!

Her mate came looking for her after she flew away! Saw him sitting on the grill, heard his call for her! Hope they enjoyed the rain and cloudy night!



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