Thursday Pedagogy 28.5.15

Problem with people with a conscience is they assume that everyone has one, not only that, they keep believing that till the day they are absolutely ruined by unscrupulous people who don’t give a hoot to conscience. To them the only thing matters is their own joy, pleasure, well-being.

Good people always believe that there is “some good in everyone”, oh yes there most probably is, but the point is why will you ruin your life to test that theory? Why will you let some one use you, abuse you while you do the “Turn the other cheek till he feels ashamed, repentant”?

One thing good people should remember that they are doing a big favour to the world by being good, there is no need destroying their own goodness trying to make everyone they come across good.

There are people who believe goodness is weakness and drain that thing from the veins of others.

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