Thursday Pedagogy 11.6.15

When I was a child studying in school we used to read two lined poems by some of the wisest authors of India Kabirdas and Rahim.

Some of the dohas (two lined poems) truly worked as character builder for me, ones I still follow to a great extent. Let me share a few with you and share the deep wisdom of these men.

This one is by Tulsidas though, the poet who translated Ramayan from Sanskrit to Hindi.

Awat hee harshe nahin, nainan nahi saneha
Tulsi tahan na jaiye chahe kanchan barshe meh.

If you are not greeted with genuine smile and love
then don’t enter that threshold even if gold showers inside.

This is a beautiful way of living a dignified life when you have to mix with people of various social scale, I was born in a family where millionaires and hand to mouth families came together as a large family, we had to socialize, during marriages especially, this is the yardstick I used whether I will just go there with a big smile and gift and politely decline the formal invitations of visiting them afterwards, or accept that invitation and mingle with them later too.

I was always a clutz, I never invited someone unless I meant it, and being a member of a extended family having a person as guest never brought a frown to our foreheads but with time I realized not all are like that, they just say “Do visit us sometimes…” and sweeter words, their body language tells the rest, even to naïve like us, whether they will be happy if you show up 😉

I really follow this Doha a lot, and very seriously!

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