Thursday Pedagogy 18.6.15

Je baren ko laghu kahe nahi Rahim ghati jaat
Giridhar murlidhar kahe kachhu dukh manat nahee.

This is another amazing Doha by Rahim, now a little bit about Rahim, he was one of the nine jewels of Akbar, Abdurrahim Khankhana, now see how much he was well versed in Hinduism and knew the stories of Hindu mythology or religious scriptures.

This Doha well, it truly is very deep in its meaning I think, it says that if someone slights a great person he or she does not becomes small, s/he stays right what he or she is!

If someone calls Giridhar (Krishna lifted an entire mountain to save shepherds and cattle once, giri-mountain, dhar-one holding, here it will be lifting) Murlidhar (Krishna is almost always painted as playing flute, so Murlidhar- murli-flute, dhar-one holding)then he wont be upset.

So many times little minds have slandered great people, ugliest things have been said about them, and often they have been treated wickedly too but that has not changed them a bit!

Nor have they cared about what people say about them. Quite true!

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