Thursday Pedagogy 2.7.15

Rahiman dhaga preetka na todo chatkay
tode se phir na jude jude gaanth par jaye.

Don’t snap a relationship of love, it is like a thread, even if you tie it the knot will stay!

This is a relationship I firmly follow, I never end or break a relationship that means something to me, if friends move away with time don’t stop them, I just allow them to move on without destroying the relationship.

I end relationship after testing a person from every angle, and once I end a relationship the chances of that person’s re-entering my heart are very slim, none has done that till date. Then I end very rare relationships totally excluding my family of-course and I can guarantee you none but my brother will have access in my life ever again, no matter what they say or do! They are wiped out of my world.

I don’t believe in half-hearted relationships, relationships for own benefit, so I maintain those who are mutually loving and I certainly follow this Doha totally for them!

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