Thursday Pedagogy 16.7.15

Rookha sookha khaike thanda panee peev,
dekh parai chupdi mat lalcha ai jeev.

This is one amazing Doha by Kabirdas, it says a priceless thing-
be content with your dry bread,
don’t drool after the steak on another’s plate.

Basically it is not about bread and steak, it is about jealousy, greed, if you can earn bread, don’t have the capacity to earn a steak then be happy with your bread, a thing eaten with content in heart is always tasty! they say that a burnt bread tastes like heavenly platter to a starving man, so… it all depends on how we treat it!

If we have a nice meal in front of us and yet we keep drooling after what someone else is eating … that is dumbness!

I have always followed this Doha, from very childhood, that is why most probably envy has never been my tormentor from within, and most probably that is why the green witch settles her scores from outside sources ;(

love and hugs.

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