Thursday Pedagogy 23.7.15

Dukh me sumiran sab kare sukh me kare na koi
jo sukh me sumiran kare to dukh kahe ko hoy?

Everyone remembers God when the chips are down, if they remember God all the time then why will they be miserable?

Now, I have learnt this lesson from my own life, as I have already told you that I used to stalk my mother when she worshipped even before I could properly walk I think! so I had a bonding with God from quite early age I think and that stayed with some bouts of separation though, brief ones but stayed, so I had a bonding with Her which kept her in my heart all the time, happy or sad!

Most probably that is why she soothes me when I am sad and when I was miserable!

After all, if you knock God’s door only when you are miserable and open your tormented heart for Her maybe She may take a bit time to get to you? ;p


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