Thursday Pedagogy 30.7.15

Mala ferat jug gaya mita na manka pher
karka manka dari de manka manka pher.

This one is so close to my heart!!!! it says you passed a lifetime chanting holy names but still your heart is impure, stop the chanting and purify your heart!

well, in Bengal there is a proverb that roughly translates to “excess devotion is sign of mischief/miscreant” and I have noticed that in real life human beings too.

People who are normal, honest don’t need to chant God’s name twenty thousand times a day unless they are actually looking for support in God, and in that case they don’t broadcast that, if someone is present there that is another thing but they don’t need audience or viewers to display their devotion/affection to God.

Those who do it like a show off are often hiding something wicked/twisted/evil in their heart/actions and covering that behind the mask of piousness.

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