Thursday Pedagogy 20.8.15

Bura jo dekhan main chala bura na milya koi
jo dil khoja apno mujhse bura na koy.

This Doha has made me feel like a fool, for years I believed it from heart, to concentrate on my own defects and ignore the faults of others, now I think had I been a little observing about the defects of others my life might have been a lot better!

This Doha can be fully utilized by evil to manipulate naïve, I have heard this lecture on the lips of serpents, the foulest, vilest ones! So, even though it is a good character builder I will suggest to follow it but keep an eye on the faults of those whose life can affect yours ;p

Well it translates like when I went out to look for bad people I found none, when I looked inside I met the worst human being I have encountered till date.

This is one of those words of wisdom that has taught me to not follow wisest words blindly 😉

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