Thursday Pedagogy 3.9.15

Some people do leave a shadow of doubt and unease in the minds of others, I have come across two women in my cyber connections who have left a really big dark spot in my mind, first one clearly told me that “not using the url of source of every picture in posts is stealing”, she made me stop using pictures from internet and try painting myself, which is now my greatest passion.

In came the second one, she too hinted quite clearly that using the pictures of others as “models” without sharing their names is “stealing”.

Now personally I don’t believe any of them but which one is true? are they too saintly or actually true? Now, every painter uses models excluding some exceptions I think, I too use these pictures as models only, I don’t/cant create exact copies, and I used google to search my models, what do you think will I add a line model resource google or skip that dumb formality?

Honestly I think both these women are very rigid about right/wrong stealing/learning what do you think? honestly!

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    1. Thanks Charlie, but you did no answered the question though, what do you think if I use models for my paintings almost always will I have to share the url all the time? Most of the time they don’t have much resemblance with the originals 😉 I am not that good painter! I mostly pick up the poses, and then do my own stuffs.

      All painters need models, don’t they?

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