Thursday Pedagogy 10.9.15

There is a famous term in Bengali, “Seyan Khyapa” or “Seyana pagal”, this term has been used for centuries I think, that is quite a hint about nature of a few people at least I have met in flesh, and some I have met in internet, these people pretend that they are naïve or dumb and then use that pretense to hurt others, and when the other person reacts they instantly go to “dumb” or “crazy” mode. Making the victim look like bully or mean.

Recently I was watching a movie space station 76, in that a woman joins a space station as captain and oh boy! that poor woman lands in the middle of a group of people who were almost crazy but not the harmless ones, shrewd, manipulative, cunning crazies!

I think it is psychiatric disorder not craziness, because crazy people cant take care of their own welfare, they mostly cant hold a proper conversation, forget about finding faults in others and using them cunningly.

That is why when some person tries to act crazy and shrewd at a time I just go for the “shrewd” part, ignore the crazy decoy. I really don’t think crazy or autistic people can be shrewd or manipulative, they are too harmless, seen one too many autistic in flesh to label them as cunning or manipulative, even though in internet some dicey characters showed up in my life who claimed they were autistic but were shrewd as hell!

What do you think?

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