Thursday Pedagogy 17.9.15

It is quite interesting how we can see through some people, no matter how benevolent they try to show themselves as, all it takes time and some gift.

In my life and cyber-life I have seen that people who show over eagerness to hover around me ultimately turn out to be the type out to fool, con or fulfill other ulterior motives.

Time after time these women, yups they are all women have infiltrated my quite sturdy barrier to prove how untrustworthy and annoying women can be, and how they just cant let others be, if they have to get something from someone they will go all the way to hell to get it!

They have taught me a good lesson though, the sooner you kick out the persons “who don’t trust you, like you but say the opposite” from your life the better it is for you. But the one thing that keeps coming back to my mind again and again is do these people have least amount of self worth?

I do make friends, lasting friends but honestly, since crossing my thirties (read it as returning from hell) my closest friends are usually quite a bit “not obsessed” with me type, they are good, loyal friends but their world does not hovers around me, or they are not all praises and love. They are normal people and I certainly can write a certificate that I don’t even try to charm or impress someone 🙂 I am rather comfortable with relationships that are a bit distanced but reliable.

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