Thursday pedagogy 12.11.15

How much a little consideration for nature can change human life, the flat in which I am living right now is a fantastic example of that. I never even dreamt that I will be living in a proper house in Kolkata where I will be seeing birds I have seen in burdwan and Kamalpur, and absolutely unknown birds every morning, they roam around all the time, and I have stopped playing songs because I will rather hear them.

There is a stretch of land surrounding this housing society, not owned by the society, it is someone else’s property, who must have shunned lot of greed by not handing it over to some promoter. Hope he wont till I am around here! It is meticulously maintained too, and a home for wild animals one wont dream of seeing in Kolkata!

I wonder if all housing societies did this thing, just have a row of trees as second boundary wall, trees with edible fruits and flowers maybe!

Just a thought!



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