Thursday Pedagogy 19.11.15

Life serves us different dishes and sometimes snatches them away. Life is life we cant convince her to do what we want, need or desire, she will do whatever she wants. But we do have a choice, to fight her, in and out.

To not allow her to make us feel lost, drained or bitter. She may snatch the plate from our hands, but she cant stop us from stuffing our mouth with freebies.

She may snatch the roof from our head but cant stop us from braving the nature till we find out another roof, maybe on rent or a new one!

She may overwhelm our life with negativity but cant stop us from planting lotus plants in that muddy pond and watch them bloom!

Have a great life, even if at expense of laughing at life’s futile attempts to make your life “not” great. 🙂



  1. Well-put, Sharmishtha! Life is absurd, all buzzing, blooming confusion. Still, we must try to grab the reins and steer our way to sanity, and maybe, if we are lucky, happiness.

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