Thursday Pedagogy 26.11.15

The latest topic of discussion is most probably refugees at border and what nations will do with them, it makes one think of another thing too, how much human beings cling to ownership. Is there any place in globe right now where people can go and build their own home for free? Without buying it from someone or paying any taxes for living there? I have heard there are some places in ocean that don’t fall in any country’s borders but one cant live in ocean, at least I cant!

Do you know any such place? It may be a bit necessary to meticulously distribute the entire globe to countries, but putting the price tag, is that necessary too? How usurping human beings can be!

Two hundred years ago homeless people could build homes in ownerless/deserted places and make it their home but now they will have to buy it from someone or governments!

Birds and animals are luckier in this ground.



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