Thursday Pedagogy 10.12.15

Well, actually I am a bit out of ideas again, so I will be utilizing this post for something I have been dangling in air for too long.

3 quotes for 3 days which three of my friends have invited me for, in past few months, Vishal @, Karan @, and my sweet friend Indira

Do not forget to go to their blogs and relish their fantastic posts, on quotes and other things.

well, I am very lousy at remembering things word to word, I mostly absorb the gist and forget the rest- so here comes the first one-

I have read it as a child and have never forgotten it, never will, it really helped a lot, me being a worrier by nature was immensely benefitted by it.

What’s the use of worrying it was never worthwhile
so put all your worries in your little bag and smile, smile, smile!



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