Thursday Pedagogy 17.12.15

Well, actually I am a bit out of ideas again, so I will be utilizing this post for something I have been dangling in air for too long.

3 quotes for 3 days which three of my friends have invited me for, in past few months, Vishal @, Karan @, and my sweet friend Indira

Do not forget to go to their blogs and relish their fantastic posts, on quotes and other things.

well, I am very lousy at remembering things word to word, I mostly absorb the gist and forget the rest- so here comes the second one- the song “my way”- it says that the writer lived his life by his own rules and is not least ashamed for that.

I love the lyrics of this song, and it has somehow become my way too, I have made mistakes and taken the responsibility of them but in the end I have tried my best to live as per my rules. Alas! If only I tried it earlier, maybe two decades earlier!



  1. And yet you are still beautiful dear sister, in so many ways! I treasure your genuine selfless heart, and what it brings alive…and that makes you to me so unique! We do things our way, and yet look at the smiles you have brought alive within us. Your heart, spirit, soul and your smile speaks of what I have come to know so well! You are ever wonderful! May your New Year be full of many possibilities, much love, peace, joy and happiness. It all begins with you and God….always love and treasure yourself. You are very special to me Dear sister and many others, God bless you and your family!

    1. Thank you my dear brother, I think you see your own reflection in me, I am a very ordinary human being.

      May God fill your world with love, happiness and glory this year and years to come. Happy new year!

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