Well, those of you who have been with me through 2015 know how gremlin, goblin and finance has been driving me crazy when it came to my internet connection, blogging I mean!

They have been in cahoots and have made 2015 my worst internet year ever since I started blogging I think, well, they took care that the year goes their way.

I am shamelessly reading your comments, posting whenever I can, trying to keep Thursday posts alive, but reading is almost impossible at present, wish me luck!

I hope and pray things will settle down by February 2016.

have a blessed 2016! Wish you all good things in world.

Love and hugs.


  1. It all will work out my sister, and you will smile and enjoy what you love doing…sharing your heart and soul each day! Love you and cherish your heart, for what is alive in you is also alive in all who love and share gods love. You are priceless. Your new year will be blessed abundantly! God bless you and your family!

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