Thursday Pedagogy 31.12.15 – terminators aka human beings..

I know India is a poor country, filled with people who can barely meet their basic needs, still the brazen way in which nature is abused hurts the eyes and mind.

When I first came here the entire surrounding was green, all I could see was plants, bushes, trees and birds of many kinds.

Then fires started, one could see that they were started with purpose, with help of inflammatory liquids like kerosin or petrol.

Now seventy percent of green is gone, and all I see is people enjoying their daily activities in a huge field created by them shamelessly burning bushes, trees.

We always cleaned up our Burdwan house and its adjoining highly fertile land but don’t remember setting a single pile on fire! Maybe that is the difference between public property and personal property.

Anyways, with all due respect to “human needs” people like me will always wonder if it is necessary to destroy the entire planet to cater only one species and it’s never ending need!



  1. Years ago, I visited Allahabad/Kashi. Took a boat to take bath at sangam. the boatman extolled the virtues og Ganga Ma and the various temples on the banks. Warned before I refused to take him up on his pooja offers and listened patiently to his eloquence on Ganga.

    On the way back, minutes before getting off this guy made a sound deep from his tummy. And spit out a mouthful into the river. I asked him ‘So you spit on your mother, eh?’

    The shameless guy looked sheepish and spoke no more.

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