Thursday Pedagogy 31.12.15

Well, actually I am a bit out of ideas again, so I will be utilizing this post for something I have been dangling in air for too long.

3 quotes for 3 days which three of my friends have invited me for, in past few months, Vishal @, Karan @, and my sweet friend Indira

Do not forget to go to their blogs and relish their fantastic posts, on quotes and other things.

well, I am very lousy at remembering things word to word, I mostly absorb the gist and forget the rest- so here comes the fourth, extra one because I have been a bad girl, I punched the 3×3 in 3 posts, so I will sheepishly add an extra and hope Karan, Vishal and Indu will forgive my lazy bones!

“I don’t wanna be a hero” by Johnny hates Jazz. Being an anti-war person I have always loved the lyrics of this song and hoped, prayed that all army men, all over the world will start acting like this song, and give up on arms, now if the army men of one country stop fighting that will be senseless but if they all stop fighting and with them those too who yield murderous weapon without reason/much reason … wont it be a cool world to live in!

Let’s hope and pray for a world without wars and bloodshed!



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