Thursday Pedagogy 7.1.16-talk less listen more

I was never much of a talker actually after a brief period of hysteria I resumed back to my old self and can pass days without talking at all. Don’t need to because my friends are on internet so typing is enough for communication.

But I was always a listener, an attentive one, if the other person has something to say! Otherwise I was quite dangerous, I used to be physically around, apparently hearing everything being said but in reality was chasing dragons with dragon-slayers.

When I listened I learned, about how different people think, act under different circumstances. How some of them are harmless liars and others lie with ulterior motives. How much we can learn if we truly listen! Wisdom and skills have passed from people to people mostly through listening, other medias were not and still are not this easily available.

When I talked, I said things I should not have, people who heard them did not solved my problems, some of them disappeared from my life and others stayed, not to help or heal but to escalate my problems, using my problems as their weapon to ruin whatever was left. No one is perfect, so I too must have done small big harms to them in past, like they had to me, I forgave and moved on they kept the stock and waited for a chance and my tongue gave them that chance.

Had I kept my mouth shut I would have been spared from half of the troubles I faced. My own tongue helped my enemies to harm me, but then again it certainly did me one favour, identify those who had been hoodwinking me into believing that they were my kin, my own.

So talking is good but with calculated risks only. Don’t go overboard like I did, better listen, ears are better friends than tongue.




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