Thursday pedagogy 14.1.16- bully by nature

If you have a sensitive heart that cares for others and are an observer you will most probably think like me that human beings in general are very fond of bullying others, those they can, weak or strong does not matters, can or cannot is what matters to them.

They harass anyone they deem suitable to harass, that harassment can be based on I.Q. level, behavior, gender, skin colour, preference of lovers… anything and everything, all they need is a bunch of like-minded creeps who will help them in harassing.

If you are like me, who don’t give much of a damn to rules laid by others and live as per your own rules you will most probably agree that they are quite omnipresent too, they are scattered all over the society, colleagues, clusters of men and women in roads and other suitable spots, suitable for them I mean, in Bengal they used to thrive on street corners, mostly with a carom board, and loved passing remarks at most of the passerby’s, they just invented nasty or heckling things when there was none visible or present. The stronger ones formed college union and forced others into obedience and strongest ones I guess join political parties and become cadres!

They I get, they love to harass, heckle, control others. I get those they harass, cowering or avoiding them to be spared from further or worse damages. People I don’t get are those who sympathize or support their ways, their nastiness and intrusion into the lives of others. Give excuses for them. These are the people who actually create these bullies. They may be blinded by their foolishness but that is not the case with those who support them and give excuses for them.

They come in the form of parents who think it is alright if kids bully each other, teachers who don’t care if kids bully each other, police men who think it’s ok if rowdies harass a girl wearing mini skirt. Then when they become brazen and deadly everyone starts to blame them, only them.

Trying a new thing- article, personal essays for a change, do let me know what you think of them.



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