Thursday Pedagogy 21.1.16- silly dictums

It is funny how society sets out rules for women and their decency and women follow those rules like sheep without any freewill and not only that lecture, heckle other women to do that too.

A few examples will be more fun, right? I belong to a family where I have seen women of all eras together, my aunts were above seventy when I was sixteen or seventeen, and finally I saw my nieces, who were about sixteen or seventeen when I parted my ways with my family in 2005.

Now, if a young woman of present time does not wears undergarments, people will call them all sorts of names, no matter what she is wearing – they will simply label her and most probably drive her nuts.

Well, most of my aunts did not, they just wore sari, blouse and petticoat and lived their lives normally, that means they went everywhere like that. They were all called normal.

If a woman chops off her hair she is called quite nasty names, I have heard some remarks that some women think that if they trim their hair and wear salwar suits (guilty as charged) they become young, beautiful. Ahem! Well, sorry to burst the bubble but I don’t have any problem with looking older, getting older because in India that is only advantageous for women. Had I been trying to make myself look younger I would have dyed my hair, done Botox, I am quite educated you know! I know what people do to fight signs of aging so please….

This very society used mercilessly shave women when they became widows, they had to allow it and keep their hair short too to prove that they are chaste and don’t plan to seduce others. So when a free willed woman shaves her head, trims her hair she is trying to seduce others and when hapless women are tonsured they are chaste! I really don’t get it! Do you?

Trying a new thing- article, personal essays for a change, do let me know what you think of them.



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