Thursday Pedagogy 28.1.16- helping hackers

Ever think about it, how incoherency of most websites and apps benefit hackers? I do, because my computer has been hacked so many times that I have given up. If some MFB is still monitoring my online life all I am going to do is pray with all my hearts that s/he rots alive in purgatory, but am not going to waste my time fretting about him, most probably her.

My Microsoft is updating 17 updates every f*** single day for last ten days or so, I as per their suggestion don’t surf from admin, I have a limited rights user for that, so when I saw that message second day I logged into admin and tried to update, it kept “looking for updates” for twenty minutes, when I gave up and tried to “troubleshoot” it told me I am not connected to internet. Now that gave me creeps, so I tried to go to microsoft’s website and it took me to a place that as per address bar was microsoft’s home page and was trying to sell xbox. Boy! What kind of *** run these circuses?

Next came wordpress, it loves to scare us, quite merrily, a few months back it all of a sudden started asking me if I will like to get their help in creating passwords instead of using “automatically generated” passwords! Now, I every time type my password! I never use automated passwords, why will I? Actually I did not even knew that there was an option like that! Well they stopped that babble and after that my internet connection was gone too so I forgot about it.

Yesterday they were babbling about some “nick name” I have not given my “nick name” so they were giving me “error” in saving my password. Honestly? What the hell is this “nick name”???

This is how they help hackers I think, or their programmers keep doorways to hack in the computers of users and give them the illusion that they are actually surfing while they in fact are most probably in some phony site manipulated by them.

Why can’t they simply communicate in normal manner?

Trying a new thing- article, personal essays for a change, do let me know what you think of them.



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