Thursday Pedagogy 4.2.16 cheating is cool

Yes… that is what the people think these days. Honestly, the way they worship wicked minds is a little disturbing. Honestly, I too get awestruck by their deviousness, by the way they fool, manipulate others but there is nothing cool in that.

The main culprit in this field is most probably movies- they have made deviousness cool to public eyes, monstrosity forgivable, and not forgiving monstrosity is monstrous!

I sometimes watch these movies and wonder if they deliberately misguide gullible minds or just try to tell people that they are bad but so is everybody else. Sort of filing own case in assumption of being sued in future.

Recently I finished 48 laws of power by Robert Greene and he gave me a clear insight in mind of these people I will say, the devious ones, the power hungry people who want more than they deserve mostly.

To them gullible are suckers, they invite to be duped. This is an argument in which my brother has never been able to beat me, ever since his teens he has been trying to make me say that fools “deserve” to be duped. Well, I will never agree with him. Even though “fools” and “innocents” invite treachery but they certainly don’t “deserve” it, those who dupe them are not only smart, intelligent they are cheap too, really cheap!

I know they are just movies, books… but if people keep seeing the same thing over and over again they can accept it as normal, natural even if it is nothing like that.

Maybe, we need some good old cowboy movies- where innocents were praised, protected by noble souls. Where good people too were powerful, not everyone was with a shade of black in his or her soul. There are people like that you know!



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