Thursday Pedagogy 11.2.16 the unexpected

We read about them all the time, the veterans suggesting, save a piece for rainy day, some get the message, others think bah! I am not that busy, I will always manage one hour each day to write something. Nothing will prevent me from doing that, because I love writing, it is not a living, it is more of a passion to me! Then the unexpected happens.

I made up my mind that I will write at least one article or personal essay every day for the rest of the November. The idea came a little late somewhere around 5th or 6th, so I started writing, it worked smoothly till yesterday. Well, I mostly write in evening, because that is the more preferable phase of time for me to sit with computer, when there is nothing to divert me, or may be because I am a night owl, not at all a day creature. That is why I stayed up till 2 A.M. to study, could never wake up at 4 and concentrate like my siblings.

Well, so, here I was enjoying the day, planning what I will write in evening, now, one of my suicidal trends is I don’t jot down the ideas, which I am about to begin, yesterday was a good lesson for that. I had a few ideas too, but they have totally wiped out of mind.

Here I was merry as a wren, standing on the stool, trying to adjust the wind-chime and two seconds later I was lying on floor, I instantly realized that my lip was bleeding like hell, well, being a tomboy that was not new, but even then I have rarely been hurt this bad, barring one or two nasty accidents. So I naturally tackled the bleeding and kept praying to God that my pearls are alright, well, they seem to be alright, off went all my planning for writing something in the evening! Every idea that I have been toying with all day long is completely erased! I simply don’t have any idea about what I have been thinking to write about!

I passed the remaining evening in a dazed stupor, lying in bed because my pressure has all of a sudden fallen to the lowest level because of all that bleeding. As I write my hands hurt, my feet hurts, and my lips look like the lips of a boxer.

I am grateful to God that She saved my teeth and more, I did tried my best to cause serious damage to myself but was spared, at least that is the way it seems tonight, rest will unravel itself in a day or two! But that is not the point here the point is the mischief maker had its way. It tossed away my plans to abyss and disappeared.

This is how the meddling events happen! We all know that to write we need concentration, full involvement of brain, no matter how much we enjoy the playing with words if our brain is stunned like mine was yesterday nothing will happen! Not a word! So, do save some pennies for the rainy days. Those who say it are smart, wise and well wishers of the inexperienced lot!



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