Thursday Pedagogy 18.2.16 foods served in trains

I am glad that I don’t travel, not at all, had I been a frequent traveler in Indian Railways I would have been in real mess! Those who have eaten the food served by Indian Railway, the normal one, vegetarian tray, tell me one thing can you taste anything in that watery thing they serve as daal? Any taste at all? The non vegetarian can be dicey, the meat or eggs can be bad, so vegetarian is the better bet but eating a food without any taste is a real horror!

I remember my lucky savior, the idli and vada that they serve as breakfast, I ordered vegetarian plate for lunch and suffered the horror, a local biryani shop serves divine biryani in 80 rupees, enough for two persons, that vegetarian plate was 70 rupee I think, tasteless. Then came the dinner, which I screwed, but I think that too was tasteless, I ordered chicken biryani and then fell asleep, woke up in the morning it was gone by then, totally ruined, I tried to salvage my breakfast but the chickens were the only semi edible thing in it, they were tasteless too! I doubt if that biryani had any taste either. Well, after seeing the lunch and dinner I decided to go by the old books of Burdwan daily passengers, they always suggested idli, it is made of rice and only rice, so chances of its making you sick are very slim, and that idli vada was the only decent dish I bought on the train.

They do charge quite heftily, so why don’t they do something about the taste? Do they ever eat those things themselves? Without any additional secret dishes of course, because they don’t serve them to the passengers. When I traveled earlier I remember they used to give curd and pickles with vegetarian plate, also papad and some other things. You could manage to swallow the rice with them if you are starving.

Maybe, some day someone will force them to eat their own delicacies for a fortnight or more, well then they might change!



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