Thursday pedagogy 25.2.16 soft targets

India used to be, and still is one of those countries that can digest diversity without much fuss, since the entrance of Aryans 5000 years or so back it got its first dose of diversity I think, after much harassing the actual Indians, the Dravids they settled down finally. Then, century after century people came from different parts of world, the interesting thing is too many of them stayed.

Some of course came, plundered and left but quite a good portion of people stayed, became a part of the already diverse culture of India. There must be something in the air, water of India that creates that desire in the heart of wanderers to make home here.

I hope that is not changing, because lately all we are hearing from the office holders and their supporters that “he should go and live in ****” and similar outrageous things. These people are an insult to India, when they say that “**** is not Indian” why because she is not born in India, only married to an Indian. Well, then, to start with Aryans are not Indian. They too came from Europe or Central Asia, wherever their lineage goes back to.

It is always easy to heckle soft targets, and that again is becoming the trend of India, after much riots and dirtiness of past, it seems some people just don’t want to see this country living in peace, so when they are not in power they use hatred to split people, turn them against each other and when they are in power they use it to ensure that they can come back to power,. By throwing sticks in the fire they have started, by tending its flame and keeping it burning they try to prove that fire exists and is burning. Who cares if it destroys the country, they get the tickets for the parliament again, and that is the only thing matters to them.



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