Thursday Pedagogy 3.3.16 one-sided

Well, even though I have stopped reading newspapers since November, that is, after shifting to Kolkata, and have been off from all type of “news” bulletins since shifting to Hyderabad ripples still reach me. One of them being the latest hype- make in India. Yups! It is very cool idea. I remember all the curses Manmohan Singh gathered when he opened Indian market to world.

The industrialists who has been monopolizing the economy till then saw red and all sorts of boo ha ha was spilled across the media, people reading them would have thought that Indian things were about to go to hell, people will buy and use only foreign stuffs from then on.

The truth is, it made a huge impact on the consumers, all of a sudden the quality of things started to improve! Erstwhile the business houses thought that the only thing they had to deal with was competitors, all they had to do was keep the market to themselves, and then shove down whatever they manufacture down the gullets of the consumers, they did not had any other choices did they? Just like Indian democracy- you can choose the lesser evil, or the one you think is less harmful, you actually don’t have a choice.

The small businesses, no matter how good their products were could not flourish because of corruption and lack of funding (maybe)- mostly it was corruption, so the big business houses were the only fishes in the pond, then came the notorious international companies, with huge funding, enough money to bribe and challenge the quality of the things in market.

Those of us, who have seen the quality of things before and after the opening of market know how much we consumers have been blessed by that.

Now, my only humble question is, if we sacrifice our option of buying a better thing in the same price just because we want to encourage our own country’s business houses will that sacrifice be respected by the business houses? Will they give their everything to the things they create/manufacture?

Honestly! I sincerely doubt that. To me, it is just a way of emotionally blackmailing consumers to buy their things. After all, hypocrisy is mantra of Indian society.


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