Thursday pedagogy 10.3.16

Well, I don’t know about you, but I clench my teeth every time I see that red or green line under my writings, especially when I am writing a story or something else. I will agree that once in a while that dumb line is doing a favor but sometimes its tendency to poke its nose is too much to handle! Like suggesting me to replace “lass” with “lasso”? Really? Not accepting “Really?” for another example! Of course it will whine about some grammatical error in “Really?” but I recollect reading it a thousand time in thousand books so I will simply ignore it, but what about those who are unfamiliar with English? Those who are learning the language for the first time? They will of-course replace lass with lasso and pay heed to the infuriating bot and change “Really?” to whatever that idiot bot will suggest. Oh yes, it is showing a red line under bot too, I am sure it will give me a list of alternative words for “bot” a word which small kids know these days I think, like sms or cellphone, they too are decorated with red lines.

Actually this bot is so outstanding in its knowledge of English that I sometimes have to refer to the good old oxford dictionary to ascertain that it is “it” the all knowing bot not me who is wrong! Then once in a blue moon it is right and that makes the whole package so infuriating, you can’t ignore it or accept it! We all do mistakes when we are in a flow, typos, wrong words, but the funny thing is “all knowing bot” quite often misses them!

Honestly, when I write in wordpress, directly into the pages my flow is far more better, I discovered the secret just this morning, all these green and red lines destroy the flow and ruin the writing. So, from today onwards I am about to turn off that option that checks as I write and will proof after I am finished. I have had enough of monkey business of this “all knowing bot”.

What do you think? I think it should increase its vocabulary or have multiple options for writing- professional and creative. You should write some poems and see how it adorns every single line with its green pen (or pain). I am done with it for sure! The first suggestion I got for “bot” was “boot”, well, maybe that is what it is, it should be kept down below, under the feet not on head or in head!



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