Thursday pedagogy 17.3.16

How we change with age, if we allow ourselves I mean, some people think change is something bad, reflecting weakness but I have always believed change proves we are alive, and are receptive to our surroundings, too much volatile nature is not a good one but the one that keeps its core values and changes when life provokes, forces is fair enough to me.

Those who say embrace changes if you can’t prevent them are absolutely right in my eyes, sometimes it is a very good idea, a life saver to embrace changes with calmness and peace.

Life has dished out its own huge changes in my plate, changes I never thought I will go through so I resisted them, only to realize that I should have paid heed to the ripples before the tsunami, there were so many ripples that came to the shore as forewarning, indicating a major event was on its way, but I refused to change and stood on the shore, well, it was a miracle that I was not washed away by the tsunami but it left its marks on my innocent beach, the stench of decay took years to pass by.

Had I accepted the signs of time and changed with it I might have been away from the tsunami wave, chances are quite high, so, listen to the ripples and always weigh your opinions, judgments before making them final. Remembering one thing life never gives you an absolutely duplicate chance, it mostly gives a second chance about almost everything but the package is inevitably different, say, for example you loved someone and that person broke off, leaving you shattered to pieces, then you picked up your pieces and moved on, started living your life quite happily, then that persons returns, deeply in love with you, now, it does not makes it the same package right? No matter how hard you try to be that old person, madly in love you can’t be, because you have changed, but that change can bring a better result, if you are more matured and at peace with your change!

That is why, change from inside out, analyze and accept inevitable changes and then embrace them, give them the coat of your own personality, nature and demands. Never let circumstances, life have full control, it has a very tyrannical nature, if you allow it an inch it will extract a yard from you and ask, no demand for more.

If you embrace an inevitable change from within, after thoroughly analyzing the pros and cons, long term effects you will see one thing, for better or for worse you will be happy, and at the end that is thing matters most take my word for it.

Three things should be cherished and are absolutely worth fighting for (I will add fair fight) love, peace and happiness. Sometimes we have to force our own nature, life, surroundings to dish them out to us, even if they try their best to not give. So before embracing a change, I always check out if it fits in with these three feelings, if not I try to fit it in without changing these three. You may have some of your own, like family , career, pets…

So, I will simply say change when you have to but don’t crawl on all four, change the change if you have to. To meet you at your wavelength.


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