Thursday pedagogy 24.3.16

Those who say everything should be done in its proper time are not that wrong, are they? There was a sleazy song I heard when I was in my early youth, belting out “the games to be played at twenty should not be played at sixty…”

If we look around ourselves we will realize its harsh side, in today’s world people are obsessed with youth and beauty, they do remind one of Meryl Streep in “Death becomes her” her desperate attempts to look younger ultimately brought drastic result.

When we grow old we should embrace the fact with dignity, what is the problem in growing old? Only the body being a crook I think! White hair has its own beauty, so does wrinkle, then wrinkles mostly don’t show up before seventies, so why fret about them? Seventy years are quite enough for enjoying own looks, white hair looks good on most people, the thing one should concentrate after acquiring a certain age is nature, because accept it or not our nature is reflected on our face, and those who read faces can read it like a book.

So when you are fifty act like fifty, don’t think that dyeing your hair, wearing colourful clothes will make you look young, it won’t, of-course if you do the first two then most probably do the third thing too, lie about your age, now that will confuse people but even then you won’t be able to compete with young people when it comes to charisma of youth. That oozes through their every limb, sorry!

When you are young live the way you want, honestly if I could do that in eighties and nineties you can do that now! I lived absolutely as per my rules and ignored all the barking dished out by small town dogs and skunks. Yeah, I heard too much because people of Burdwan are nastiest of people, believe me when I say it! But I did not give them a hoot because I had no interest of regretting at old age why I did not had fun when I was younger and stronger.

There will always be people around you who with one or another motive try to make you age quicker than your years, they are like wet blankets that will sooner or later rob your warmth, avoid them like plague if you can, unfortunately not all can avoid them but most can. Especially if you have a gut feeling that they have some other ulterior motives, like the grandpa Lou looking for a pretty teenage bride, or concubine or the rich witch looking for a teenager boy to corrupt.

Now, we all have our own definition of fun, in my case it was freedom to roam around on my own, without any companion, not marrying, shooing away men/boys whoever tried anything but friendship, doing everything small town girls don’t do- karate, bicycle riding (not for school, college only but crazy roaming) and a few other things. Had I had any interest in multiple mates I would have tested out that side too, had I had any inclination towards drinks, cigarettes or drugs I would have tried out that too!

You know when you are young you have full rights to experiment with things as long as you don’t harm others, but with age people start expecting some dignity, brain and above all self control from you, if you don’t show these traits they will mock you at your back or simply throw you out of their lives like garbage.

If you are young- live now! If you are old and wasted your youth, well, don’t feign youth just enjoy what your age and dignity level allows you but don’t expect people will treat you like young people.



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