Thursday Pedagogy 31.3.16

Life has a strange way of reaping the harvest when the crop is ripe, sometimes we lose patience and ruin the crop, sometimes circumstances do it for us. But if the time and other factors spare and allow the crop to grow it is harvested right on time, till then the sun (happiness), the rain (pain) seasons it, the fertilizers we provide and our backgrounds automatically supply nurture it and voila the crop is ready!

In the meantime just like a good farmer we have to keep the stock, see if the crop is safe from harm and if the harvest (assuming it will come in good shape, maybe best shape) is what we need and will suffice our needs. If not then what shall we do! Sow again or plant another piece of land!

Often we misinterpret the fact that life decides when the harvest will come to us, or in what form it will come, it is absolutely tyrannical in that ground, so we have to realize and act in accordance. Judge every pro and con like a good chess player and then invest time, energy and materials in accordance to that judgment.

So many times we invest everything we have to one crop and then wait for endless time, then one day regret the time, energy and resources we wasted over the crop that either did not harvested or gave puny rewards.

Now, if you honestly admit you will agree with me that barring one or two crops everything that you have sown have given at-least something in return, may not be the thing you wanted but something! If nothing in material sense then wisdom, knowledge, expertise or experience- something for sure!

But had you guessed this outcome you would have gone easy on this crop and might have cultivated some other crops alongside, right? Like that course you once thought that you will join as you study for your medical entrance, or the other boy who died for you when you died for a boy who did not care. What if you had joined that course and juggled both? Of course you might have to work a bit harder but at the end when your parents had declared that they can no longer afford your medical college bills your world would not have been hit by a tsunami!

You might have joined the other career with a little heavy heart. After all we can’t have everything we want, but if we can have our second preference, life is not that bad!

Same thing applies to the second scenario too, you may have had a delightful experience with someone who loved you instead of pining over someone who never cared or started caring for you when it was quite late!

So plan your crops and let life play as wicked as she can, always try to outsmart her but remember one thing, she has a way of having the last laugh.

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