Thursday pedagogy 7.4.16

How our preferences change with time, don’t they? When I look back at the person who I was when I was twenty six years old and the person I am now when I am 46 years old I feel astounded! How much I have changed and am quite happy with my past self and the present self.

When I was 26 I was yet to recognize monsters that were about to plague my life with the new millennium, ha! First one showed up in the household in 1998, she was the seed of evil that sprouted and allowed the rest of the minions the chance to cause havoc.

Back then I was a really innocent and good human beings, I was one hell of a naïve for sure! I am glad that I was, because that allowed me to enjoy life in its full beauty for so many years, most people grow up by the time they are twenty, and get involved in material world fully by almost every mean.

I on the other hand dreamt of having an honest life, with a loving husband who will be honest and committed to me, and vice versa, child was must, never cared about financial status, looks or age, but had to be of at least my age and height and sophisticated.

I was a die-hard romantic, always in love, with one guy or other, even though never mustered up the courage to express it, that is what being Leo is all about, they are fond of opposite gender and the opposite gender is extremely fond of them! You just have to accept it and embrace your nature! I remember being quite ticked off by the excessive amount of attention I received from men, some were pestilence others moved on.

The 46 years old me has changed almost completely, after being heckled by witches and monsters for 15 years I have absolutely lost interest in human beings, I have not given up on them but I rather prefer them off my porch, being cyber friend is good enough for me. That way they won’t be able to cause me much damage, other than the ones they do, stealing my friends, works, but people who are physically present in your world can do much worse damage.

Now, I don’t even think about having a mate but if a man ever shows up at my doorstep seeking my life-long commitment in return of his own, that is my consent in marriage he will have to be my age, younger will do but not older, I don’t have any intentions of marrying to become a widow, preferably won’t have the capacity to have kids, why torment someone who wants to have a child when I am damn certain that I won’t have one and now, at this age hopefully can’t have one!

Will love it even more if he hopes for a platonic marriage 😉 but not as a shield for nefarious or immoral activities, just two persons marrying each other because they want someone they can trust, love and stay together for the rest of their life. No desire for physical relationship and kids.

When I look at these two phases of myself I really feel a bit tickled and always laugh!



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