Thursday Pedagogy 14.4.16 Hypocrite Indians

Hypocrisy is so blended in Indians of present day that it is futile to filter it, separate it from their actual thoughts , after all, once upon a time these things were quite applicable, because both sides mostly played their parts as best as they could- worship your parents, blindly obey them. Worship your teacher, blindly obey him! Etc. etc.

Then time tainted the grown-ups, parents started to care more for themselves and teachers became paid employees of schools, but kids, the innocent ones were still taught to “obey” those rules made for some other time.

Don’t obey them and you will be branded as a spoilt child, so they learned the trick of hypocrisy. Think something do something else, or pretend to be someone you are not from real early.

Then with time most probably that became a part of most of them, that poison actually blended into their vein and they became that hypocrisy, not themselves. They were ready to kill, hurt, destroy others for the sake of that hypocrisy.




    1. depends on what is in their heart, if they admit (like you and me) we are just human beings, and we often do bad things, though not with pleasure then we are survivors, if we strut around wearing a fake halo around our head then we are hypocrites I guess …

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