Thursday Pedagogy 28.4.16 Superpatriots and fanatics

I remember one of my friend’s brother in laws, back when I was twenty, I went to visit her in Delhi, she took me to meet her sister, brother in law. Who was very much into Hinduism. Back then, a serial used to be broadcasted in Delhi Doordarshan, that is Delhi TV, it was before cable days and dish antennas. Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan,. It actually was Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, that is why I did not watched it, after watching a few episodes, anyways, I was too busy serving my elder sister those days to watch television, so that was also a reason.

That brother in law of my friends’ was a wonderful person! Very warm and loving. He tried to preach me a bit, about why every Hindu should watch Ramayan, I told him why I don’t, he teased me, asking me if he can ask me questions about Ramayan and I confidently allowed him, back then I was still in my bookworm phase and was reading everything crazily, so I was still in touch with those books, he asked me a lot of questions and then certified my knowledge on Ramayana.

Now, whenever I read these bizarre creatures labeling themselves as “proud Hindus”, “proud Indians” and acting like fanatics, world-haters, I often wonder “What is the criteria” as per them to be promoted to the level of “Hindus” or “Indians” maybe agnipariksha that Sita gave to prove herself chaste, by jumping into a burning pyre, and to be handed back to Ram unscathed by Agnidev, the God of Fire. Well, even then Ram did deserted her again, pregnant and helpless, in woods because “someone” called her “infidel”.

One just wonders….




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