Thursday Pedagogy 5.5.16 Quota System … we might have…

This is how Indian Government jobs are decided- the only jobs in this country that offers you some security and stable income.
Present caste-based reservation system of Union Government
Category as per Government of India Reservation Percentage as per Government of India
Scheduled Castes (SC) 15%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) 7.5%
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 27%
Total constitutional reservation percentage 49.5%
For the general class 50.5% seats are available and not reserved.
(Table source Wikipedia)
Now this humble Indian who tragically belongs to upper caste wants to say something. In place of just “Quota” in schools, colleges and jobs the Government might have tried something else, or can still try it, after all, they have been given the benefits of quota for 50 years now, so they can slowly come back to the same level as other Indians.

They may have and still can start giving backward people, that will include all Indians who are hovering near or below poverty level, ignoring their ancestral lineage special trainings starting from schools, through college and special coaching to lift them up to the level of privileged classes. So that they can compete.

Then give them the government jobs after a fair examination, that is the same examination that everyone else is giving!

But, will that fill up votebanks?




    1. though I don’t at all believe kids should pay for father’s sin but I believe that is what it is turned into! I really don’t believe that one person has anything to do with another’s actions/deeds/sins unless s/he is involved willingly in it. Then it becomes his/her deed/action/sin too? right?

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