Thursday Pedagogy 12.5.16 Indian Villages P1

There is a massive difference between life in city and life in villages in India, after observing the western country villages and their lifestyles one starts to wonder if that poverty is shoved upon Indian villagers by force.

There are one too many Indian villages without basic facilities like school, medical center, road or electricity.

The village where my ancestral home is just across the river from Burdwan, a stone’s throw away, but it did not had a road till 2000, electricity till 1990s and I don’t think it still has a medical center, there is a school though but I don’t know it has students or not!

OK, the kids could come to Burdwan for schooling and college, that of course is a smarter choice but what about patients? How many serious patients will survive being dragged on a gravel road above a rikshaw or bullock cart? Villages in-fact need more doctors, medical attention than towns do I think!

If they can’t convince town doctors to live in villages quite justifiably then they can train the village youth to run a medical center, good enough for minor treatments and emergency ones?



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