Thursday Pedagogy 19.5.16 Indian villages P2

West Bengal, to much joy of Bengalis is one of those rare states where farmers live a tad better than other states, excluding some states like Punjab!

But, even they don’t live that well! OK, most of them can manage to feed their kids, a handful prosper, but if you visit the villages you will notice that it is not enough! There are barely any houses in villages, most people live in huts! Their material wealth are in tally with their residence too.

Even though you will meet some really wonderful people, innocent and lovely if you go to Indian villages but you will hardly ever come across a rich person living in village, they move out. You won’t blame them either because it is quite tough to live in most of the villages because of lack of roads for example! Most of them still manage with dirt or gravel roads.

In the earlier times the landlords lived in villages, most probably that is why the benign ones uplifted the villages, we should shoo out the ministers from towns and make them live in villages.




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