Thursday Pedagogy 26.5.16 Indian Villages P3

One of the scariest part of living in Indian villages is lack of law-enforcement there, even in this century where people sing songs of “equality” and “justice for all” villages are ruled by those who wield the whip, that whip can be money, caste or political affiliation but whip is what rules the villages. Because the police station, if there is any is also controlled by those who have the whips.

If you ever talk with villagers and they trust you they will confide, how they live in fear, for their loved ones, property and lives!

That is a place I won’t like to build my home in either!

I too will prefer to move out if I can.




    1. we Bengalis have a saying, “Everyone who goes to Lanka becomes Ravana” I believe human beings love to prove it is true! (Ravana once was very pious, then power corrupted him and he lost all his marbles and became a tyrant who wont listen to reasons- that ultimately resulted in destruction of his golden empire Lanka [not srilanka]), you can read the story synopsis in Ramanyana or maybe checking out Ravana will be better, as for me, I really wonder who was the actual culprit of Lanka’s ruin, Ravana or Soorpanakha! ;p

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