Thursday Pedagogy 9.6.16 virtues love

Love is the most beautiful feeling that living beings possess I believe and it is the most abused too, because it is easiest to abuse I guess. When a person loves he walks the whole path to please his beloved, no matter for him if she does not takes a single step or walks the other way! He just follows. Because his happiness is she and love is blind. It does not sees anything that may open its eye and convince him that his love is one-sided. So it suffers all abuses in silence, often happily till one day it dawns on him that it was not love.

It was one-sided obsession exploited or detested by the other side. What might have been nectar becomes poison. Human beings quite rampantly abuse virtues but abuse of love is lot more common because it is blind and dwells in every heart, so you can say its most common feeling. Even coldest hearts most probably love- at least once!

Even Hitler truly loved a woman! Bah! I am sure Chengiz Khan or Timur Lane must have had some lover in their life they truly loved! Forget about us, petty sinners.

Those who possess a loving heart often find it unbearable- the regular betrayals or abuses. For their own sake they should love wisely. Keep a stock about its desirability and returns. That lessens abuses substantially. If you don’t waste your affection on abusive and un-interested persons.



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