Thursday scribblings 7.4.16 obstructions to glory 1

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

Ah! Don’t you sometimes feel it? That has things been right you might have been someplace else? You might have been a more successful version of yourself?

I often do! We mostly face similar obstructions in pursuing our goals, dreams. Let’s mull over them! I wonder if we have the same set of boulders in our roads to victory/success!

Family- family can be a big solid support or a huge mountain in path of success, especially parents and if you are really unlucky then older siblings.

My parents, well they did not cared much about future of their kids I will say, they just gave birth and gave the essential things to give I think, a few pair of clothes, tummy full of food and school- not good, decent or proper- just school!

Were they capable of giving better? Yes they were! Why did they not then? I don’t know!…

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