Thursday Pedagogy 16.6.16 virtues compassion

Compassion is wiser form of love I think, it does not seek any kind of reciprocation or added conditions. Some people can’t love those they can’t trust or respect, or their enemies, especially those they hate. Compassion is more powerful than love in this way. People can feel compassion for anyone and everyone. You don’t have to understand, respect, trust, like that person still you can feel compassion for that person. As it does not expects anything from those it gives it is more at peace too, does not gets hurt if the receivers don’t treat him right, betray him or hurt him.

He accepts foulest deeds because he knows that is quite possible to happen. He never lifted his receivers to some pedestal like love does. Love often imagines virtues in beloved, can’t see the real person that is why it is so often hurt or shattered. Sometimes it’s hurt so bad that it never recovers or gives up totally. Compassion on the other hand almost always knows that he is dealing with fickle creatures. They may never know or believe in his selfless acts and cause him harm. But he does it anyways because it makes him happy.


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