Bug in android phones, my phone or google?

Agnishatdal The Ezine

This is an annoying thing that has plagued me when I was in Hyderabad (2015 feb to November), what exactly is the problem of my android phone in showing wordpress contents!

It almost made me allergic to touching it, honestly! But when I tried opening wordpress using my brother’s windows phone it opened finely. without a single hiccup, initially when I opened them through Bing Search (in the android phone) they again opened via bing, never through android/google search.

So, every time I want to check my blogs I have to sit down with my laptop, I cant do it using my phone, what a delight, is not it? Forget about signing in, it wont open them any way!

Is it google push selling BlogSpot? I am damn sure if I try BlogSpot blogs they will open like dream!

To my utter joy, most probably google via android is meddling so…

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    1. then the gremlins have shifted from my phone to my computer! because the phone was like this from the very beginning, you remember how much I complained when I was in Hyderabad? it was the phone then not computer (most of the times).

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