Thursday Scribblings 28.4.16 Let’s worship the flag P4

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

Silencing the rivals in corruption?

Since passing the teenage a little seed of suspicion popped up in my mind and with time and very good amount of fertilizer and other stuffs from the society it has now become a nice, sturdy tree.

This “overzealous” broadcasting of patriotism, definition of which changes with the political majority is it actually, really patriotism or a shrewd way of silencing those who speak against hypocrisy? Against corruption or autocracy?

Now, I know you will say the days of autocracy is gone, but in reality, politicians everywhere, including India are quite autocrats- they control the police, the army. They monitor the laws and the constitution. They do it all with our money and use them to control us, so they are sort of indirect autocrats.

Now, to be that indirect autocrat they will have to hoodwink majority, so they get voted again, so they throw…

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