Thursday Pedagogy 23.6.16 virtues hope

Hope is must amongst four pillars to soul I believe, yet it gets hit the most because it is the feeling that rules our heart, we just can’t subdue it for long. Heart just keeps hoping, for this and that, given an absolute amount of freedom it may start hoping for moon! The sad part is it is irrelevant whether it hopes for moon or a daily piece of bread and butter its hopes are seldom met at full length, and they hardly ever surpass!

Mostly it stops short, too short, or so short that it does not matters at all. So this pillar gets hit all the time, most probably that is why it is so buoyant too. If you don’t get a thing you hope for mostly you think that maybe God has something better for you in store! That too is hope, in another package. In place of heartbreak your hope shifts to another box.

But when every or almost every hope is crushed by circumstances or surroundings for too long people may become bitter, lifeless. One or two rough gusts of wind may rock your boat a bit but if they keep hitting one after the other for months the boat will most probably sink! First you fight, then pray and finally you may start cursing!

Never let that happen to you, start hoping for things that are easy to get for a while, like expertly tackling the next gust and have some laughter at its cost! Till you get some respite from that rough weather or you become a master of those nuisances.



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