Thursday Scribblings 12.5.16 Let’s worship the flag P6

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

Fantastic weapon for oppression.

This blind allegiance if demanded by rulers can be a very strong weapon for oppression. Look around you and you will see, how rulers hide behind these symbols and force people to acknowledge them as one, force them to show the same obedience they will to the nation or its symbols.

They never tell you why! Why will a starving man who is honest, hard working, ready to work will worship a country which is so rampant with corruption that he can’t make an honest living here! Forget about acquiring what he deserves (not aspires or dreams)!

Why will a person abused, ruined because he honest, protested against corruption, was a whistle-blower worship the country that has allowed it to happen.

Respect – most probably both will, but worship? I truly wonder! You can demand respect for law and order, but don’t you dare to demand…

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