Thursday Pedagogy 30.6.16 virtues Charity

Charity was once quite well practiced virtue especially the rich and powerful practiced it to secure their spot in heaven. They gave away decent portion of their wealth to others. Then we became modern and realized that there is no hell or heaven. Only earth! That most probably gave a huge hike to self-centered mindset. As they no longer bothered about spanking in hell or special treats in heaven they started to ignore those practices that ensured seat in heaven, especially the expensive ones like charity. But they forgot the joy that it gives, no virtue is unrewarding. The ones that seek sacrifice give joy in return. Even if the receiver of that gift acknowledges not the generosity bestowed upon! Only time it hurts real deep is when that receiver harms you.

Then you may start thinking it a waste of your hard earned money or you can start picking the receivers with more caution, without expecting any return from them and guarding your back from them so they won’t stab.



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