Thursday pedagogy 14.7.16 virtues patience

Some people have a huge reservoir of it others manage to squeeze out cupful. It is a virtue that is good to have but should be used wisely. Having patience is good for you unless people start using it against you, to exploit your virtue, like all other virtues this one can be exploited to the extreme. If a patient person lets people walk all over him, till nothing is left of him. So it is wise to not broadcast that you are an extremely patient man when it comes to tolerating atrocities against yourself.

When it comes to achieving your goals patience is one of those virtues that “makes dreams take form”. So many people give up and regret later. If only I have been a bit more patient! But here too you will have to understand whether your patience will yield fruit or you are being patient for the sake of patience only. Giving water, fertilizer to a dead tree, believing it is alive or believing it will resurrect. No matter how patient you are, sometimes you may be using it against yourself. All patient persons do that, wise ones don’t let it become habit.



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